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We are proud to announce that, for the 4th year in a row, Black Diamond has been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award.

Provided by Janet, Spanish Fork, January 2015

As always, we are very pleased with the work done by Black Diamond Electric. Jason was extremely good to work with.  They used quality materials and gave us a warranty on  parts and labor. He gave us an estimate before he started and that is what we paid. Jason was efficient and completed the work quickly, while still taking time to explain what he was doing to make sure we were satisfied with the results.  We also discussed projects we would like to have done in the future, and he was able to give us great suggestions and estimates of what we could expect to pay.

Provided by KSL User, Utah County, January 2015

I was worried about getting a good company. But, I asked around and was told Black Diamond Electric is the best company and everyone was right. The person who answered the phone was very friendly. Jason came out and put in can lights in my kitchen and living room and they are beautiful. I no longer feel like I’m making dinner in a cave.

Provided by Steven, Kamas, December 2014

Black Diamond Electric installed a Nema 14-50 plug to charge my Tesla. They were extremely knowledgeable and professional. They were fair with their price and performed high quality work.

Provided by Theresa, Salt Lake City, November 2014

Jared came to the house, quickly located the problem causing the breaker box to throw one of the switches.  He repaired the problem super quick!  Black Diamond has done extensive work in the past and we had a great experience then and I must say this round was no different.  They never disappoint and they are very reasonably priced.  Thanks again Jared!!!

Provided by Joseph, Pleasant Grove, October 2014

Sent an electrician to walk through our task list and provide estimates on each. He was knowledgeable and professional, and carefully explained how their estimates worked and how overages would be handled. A crew showed up with the necessary materials an hour later, and performed all the requested work in a single day (which I did not expect.) The electricians they sent were great– they were very careful to not leave a mess, and got clearance from me before cutting drywall, etc. One of my frustrations with people is that they usually leave a mess, but not these guys.

Provided by Marie, Murray, August 2014

My experience with Jeremy and his co-worker was so pleasant and the quality of the work they did has resulted in Black Diamond Electric being my electrician of choice. I will go to them for any electrical needs in the future. And I will probably ask for Jeremy!

Provided by Matthew, Orem, August 2014

I was super impressed with the person they sent. He was knowledgeable, polite, and professional. He did an extremely thorough inspection and explained his findings in a way that I could understand them.

Provided by Greg, Salt Lake City, July 2014

I was in a pinch with a party starting in several hours and they were able to come over immediately, locate the problem, and resolve all of my issues in a fast and professional manner.

Provided by Keith, Salt Lake City, June 2014

We purchase a whole-home electrical inspection and were very satisfied with the service.  The tech was very thorough and direct about things that were in great shape and things that need to be taken care of.  We were happy to have all the info and will definitely work with Black Diamond in the future.

Provided by Kyla, Salt Lake City, June 2013

We thought we had a significant electrical issue in our house and initially ordered an inspection. The electrician immediately realized when he arrived that we had a simple problem and fixed it for us without charging a diagnostic fee of $179. I will call Black Diamond Electric every time!!! They are honest and professional!

Provided by Keri, Cedar Hills, June 18, 2013

We called Black Diamond Electric after reading the reviews on Angie’s list.  Jason came out to the home we’d just purchased and walked through things with me.  He was very knowledgeable, talked about issues, potential issues, and solutions.  We basically walked through the house while I showed him things I was concerned about.  Jason was helpful in answering questions for me and speaking candidly about what needed to be changed and what probably didn’t need to be changed.
I ended up calling him a couple of times to ask questions about things that I decided I’d try to tackle myself, and we have him scheduled to come out in a couple of days to tackle a big project for us.
Couldn’t be happier with Jason and Black Diamond!

Provided by Gregory, West Jordan, May 29, 2013

Fixed multiple problems:
Fixed laundry room ceiling light that had been shorted out by leaks (since fixed) from above – replaced with LED fixture.
Fixed closet light that was hanging by wires and installed convenient wall switch for it.
Installed two GFCI outlets in bathrooms.
Fixed hall light fixtures that was hanging by wires

Everything repaired or replaced perfectly.

 Provided by Rodney, West Jordan, May 2013

It was great. They got me scheduled and came in and worked fast while I was out. They knew their stuff, were professional and gave me bids for other work. They came in and installed a new panel box with surge protector and replaced all the outlets and switches in the house I am remodeling. They came out on a Saturday, which they normally don’t work.

Provided by Todd, Draper, 2013

Performed electrical repairs called out in home inspection as well as upgrades and new work. Upgraded old recessed lighting to LED and installed new recessed LED lighting in kitchen. Fixed various outlets and installed awesome lighting in the garage. Brought electrical subpanel up to code. The job done was awesome! Jason was always on time and explained in depth the work to be performed. If there were any questions I was engaged. I also added a few jobs along the way (garage lights, light switches, outlets, wired smoke detectors) and there was no problem accommodating the additional items. The team was fast, efficient, courteous, and very professional. I would have no hesitation about using Black Diamond Electric again and actually will be scheduling more work soon after an upcoming remodel. It’s reassuring to know that my electrical system is now in the condition it should be. Thanks Black Diamond Electric and especially Jason.

Provided by Dianne, Salt Lake City, March, 2013

Back Diamond came to my home to repair a broken light switch, replace plugs that my dog had eaten leaving frayed cords, and repaired an outlet that did not work.  The work was done in a timely and efficient manner.  I was told how much the charge would be for each repair; and Jared was pleasant even when my dog jumped on him continuously.  They also honored the coupon I printed off.

Provided by Linda, Alpine, 2013

Jason was our tech and he was very professional. He went out on our roof and fixed our heat tape even though there was snow on the roof. Great company. It was just great service.

Provided by Trenton, Orem, April 19, 2013

Black Diamond Electric helped us put in a built in entertainment system and speaker system. They were fantastic.  We really liked them.  They were very professional, quick to respond to problems or questions that we had, and they seemed to be very knowledgeable about what they were doing.

Provided by Linda, February 29, 2013

Black Diamond Electric installed some lights in my kitchen. They were really good. They were really friendly and nice.  I feel the price was fair.  I just like them.  They were great.

Provided by Donna, Salt Lake City, February, 22, 2013

Helpful and efficient technician removed burnt out dimmer switch in the dining room and replaced it with a new, better one.  Also examined all switches for appliances on the same circuit, which were OK.  It’s an older house, so I wanted it checked out. The company’s truck slid off the road near my house and the technician had to get towed up to my place to do the work.  He was apologetic, but it was not his fault.  I watched him try to get out of the snow bank but he couldn’t get any traction. Black Diamond reduced my payment to compensate for the inconvenience.  Otherwise, everything was fine.


Provided by Nathan, Salt Lake City, February, 18, 2013

I have an old house, and they came to answer a few questions to electrical problems I’d been having. The greater issue was dimming/flickering lights when too many appliances and devices were on. They tested the power coming into the house and determined that the power company needed to fix the overall problem, which they did promptly thanks to the electrician’s detailed assessment. There was also a switch to some outdoor lights which was permanently stuck to “on”. They troubleshooted the issue and determined that the previous owner had done some crazy wiring, and some of the wires had fused together. He quickly repaired the switch and it works perfectly now. They also gave some advice to wiring solutions to my kitchen remodel currently in progress. Overall, it was an excellent experience, and I ended up paying a lot less than I thought it would!

Provided by Kristen, Orem, February, 14, 2013

Diamond Electric has been great to work with.  They have always been prompt and professional.  Their service has been great and their work has also been exceptional. We had some fluorescent lighting in the kitchen removed and can lights installed in the kitchen, office, and basement.  We had new smoke alarms installed and two bathroom fans.  We also had a new fan installed in the attic.  We had under cabinet lighting wired in the kitchen and office as well as new outlets on the kitchen island and in the office.  In addition, they installed a home theater system in the basement and replaced the downstairs outlets from tan to white.

Provided by Angela, South Weber, February, 08, 2013

Black Diamond Electric upgraded the electrics at the house we’re doing up. They  were just right there and came the next day. They took care of it within two days, had it inspected and there was just no worries at all. It was a good experience.

Provided by Robert, Salt Lake City, January 2013

They repaired a sparking outlet by exchanging the plug and splicing copper wire to my aluminum wired house. Note to self…don’t buy a house with aluminum wiring!  Very professional, very good at teaching how to properly exchange electrical outlets.

Provided by Fred, Park City, December, 19 2012

We had a very positive experience with Black Diamond.  A renovation of living room, dining room with some work in kitchen was done.  Old lighting fixtures were removed, recessed lighting was added in both rooms – plus the foyer and back corridor.  Outlets were added and moved to more convenient places.  A chandelier was installed in the dining room.  Dimmer switches were added to the recessed lighting.  This is an old brick home with plaster walls and ceilings which could have presented problems for installation.  However, the work was well done with an excellent outcome.  The electricians were on time and professional.  The time from the estimate to beginning the work was just  three days.  There was no long wait which was a big plus!
I would recommend Black Diamond to anyone needing good electrical work.

Provided Anita Wolfe, December 4, 2012

I was in a real pinch when a competing company’s electrician didn’t show up to disconnect and reconnect a hot tub, as I had all the other contractors lined up and dependent on this install. Black Diamond sent an electrician out within hours to help with my situation. The staff was courteous and professional. A great team!

Provided D. Dennis, October 6, 2011

We called Black Diamond electric because our power went off and we knew there was a problem. Jared came out and gave us an estimate we accepted it and he was here the next day to start.

I don’t know what the other guys name was but they were very friendly and knowledgeable, they didn’t waste time in fact I never even seen them take a lunch break. I would defiantly recommend them for any electric work that needs to be done.

Provided by Allen
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 19:26:39

I have the opportunity of associating with Matt Pedersen, one of your Service Technicians for the past several month as we remodel our home. I find him to be very professional, informative and very dependable. He goes out of his way to help us accomplish our electrical needs and gives us with a sense of security that the work he does is of the best quality and highly dependable. His efforts have helped reduce the usual anxieties associated with a remodel project. Unfortunately, we have had to call him back on several occasions to make changes or repair some of the electrical fixtures that we have purchased. He has always been able to fit us into his busy schedule and is always early or on time for his scheduled appointments. I think he has impressed all of the tradesmen working on our project with his skill and professionalism and has represented your company in the highest manner possible. He is a credit to your firm and to all of the employees, managers and owners working with him. I know that when the occasion comes again we will not hesitate to use his services. His personal skills are excellent and I can assure you that he will be high on the list of people that I recommend to my family, friends and business associates. If I was in a management position in your company I would give him the raise the he surely deserves, maybe even two.

Dan is the man!
Provided by Joe on Google Places
May 19, 2011

When you call him, he answers the phone. He comes out and gives you a very fair bid then completes the work WITH PERMITS, on time and on budget. I recommend him if you need work on your investment property or anything else.

Black Diamond updated all the lighting
Provided by John Stewart on Google Places
May 18, 2011

Black Diamond updated all the lighting on our outdoor sign for our building. I didn’t even know electricians did that, but Dan and his guys did. They showed up on time, and the price was lower than we usually get charged by a traditional sign company. Great work guys!

Great electrical service
Provided by joetuckett- on Dexknows.com
April 30, 2011

I had Jason with Black diamond Electric come to my home after hours to figure out why half of my house was out of power. He showed up on time and found the problem very quickly. He repaired it and was very fair on pricing. I would recommend them to anyone!

I highly recommend Black Diamond Electric.
Provided by Phillip Lancer on Dexknows.com
April 20, 2011

I will recommend Black Diamond Electric to my friends and family. I was totally satisfied with the service they provided and the work that was completed. I really appreciate the way the problems were fixed and the new recessed can lights. Thanks guys!

Dan and his Black Diamond crew did
Provided by Craig on Google Places
Jan 7, 2011

an excellent job installing security lights and indoor overhead fans in several rooms in the house. They also put in a recessed outdoor outlet in our brick exterior wall and you’d never know it wasn’t part of the original wall. They’re professional, knowledgeable and very courteous. From always having booty’s on their shoes to making sure the job was completely clean when they were done. And they’re very competitively priced. I would highly recommend giving Dan a call for any of your electrical needs.

Provided by networx.com
Feedback Date:7:02 PM, Wednesday, December 29th, 2010, CST
Overall (Average) Ratings:5

Description of Work:consultation, assessment, install electrical heaters with temp. controls in two rooms.
Comments:This company is a phenomenon! Use them! Punctual, professional, work is perfectly done in timely manner. In fact, I was astounded that the assessment, consult, and installation of what I needed was completed all in the same day. wow! There is a blizzard tonite, but I am comfy and warm, instead of freezing and sneezing. Price and workmanship great. Go Black Diamond!!

Great electrical service
by Bonnie Eldridge-
June 13, 2010

I had black diamond electric fix a melted outlet, and add lights in my garage at my house. they arrived on time and completed the job on the spot. there price was far lower than the other 2 electric companys i has estimates from.I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!!

Great electrical service
Provided by YP.com Posted by bjpcutie2002 on 06/13/2010

Black diamond electric came to my house and repaired a melted outlet, and installed some new lights in my garage. they were very great to work with and i would recommend them to anyone!!!

Great Service
Provided by YP.com Posted by basecampstore on 03/21/2010

Black Diamond electric was great. The electrician came and helped us save money on our electric bill. Very professional and helpful.

great electrician
Provided by YP.com Posted by nikki024 on 01/07/2010

Black diamond electric installed a new service on my home after my old one almost burnt down my house. They did not overcharge me and I was very happy with the service

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